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Who are we ?

Haggle My Holiday is Britains number one haggling site we bring all the holiday operators under one site. Helping you, family or friends get the holiday within budget with packages for all inclusive, self catering bed and breakfast and many more options. Flying to all the main destinations and resort.

Consumer experts always encourage haggling. 

All of us have or will haggle at some point ( ever paid full price for a property or a car?)

Haggle My Holiday allows people to tell us how much they want to pay for their holiday.

We all enjoy a well deserved holiday but can be can be expensive particularly with school or business holidays when prices can peak.

We at Haggle My Holiday discovered clients may not wish to visit various sites and feel its too time consuming visiting other sites or caught on a lengthy phone conversation taking up hours of their time at weekends , evenings or work.

You will only be contacted by the operators once they have a selection of destinations and resorts of your choice within your budget you choose which one suits and book, its that easy.


Travel agents still have thousands of holiday deals available to the most popular destinations to Greece, Spain, Teneriffe, Bulgaria, Majorca, Ibiza and many more.

The holidays deals are departing almost daily up to the end of December 2017 and for 2018 so apply now to avoid missing out , if you are fast you could have your holiday booked within minutes and in budget.

Holidays are ready to be haggled down by the operators right now 

The more the merrier

Collective purchasing is when people get together to negotiate a deal with the operators to drive down costs, so the more people booking their holidays through collective purchasing the bigger the discount can be made , we have made this easier for you as this is all under one site.
Its Simple, tell your family friends and work colleagues about us, it’s a “win win” situation.

Join the Great British haggle.


We are different from other holiday sites as it puts our customers in control of their holiday booking.

Holiday operators hate to lose a sale especially when people are tightening their belts due to rising holiday costs and during school holidays. Instead of waiting for quotes to appear online through various sites or operators, our system makes it easier and encourages healthy competition between the operators they hate to lose a sale especially when the client is in control.

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Please send all holiday requests via completing the form as we are unable to accept any holiday requests via this contact page

Haggling Tips

We have compiled together some useful basic tips, which could help you haggle down the price of your next holiday.

1. Choose your ideal budget a good tip is to price the holiday per person, as you will be haggling on smaller figures instead of the whole quote. 

2. Do your research you may have already searched other sites as this makes the agent aware you have done your homework.

3. Remember to make an allowance for your budget, on our form ensure to tick “I will consider all offers”

4. When the holiday operator contacts you be polite and charming, try and build a rapport with the agent calling them by their first name. 

5. Be as flexible about the destination, resort and departure dates as the operator may make suggestions. Never reveal your maximum budget otherwise you may end up with no deal.

6. Try not to ask closed-ended questions do not say for e.g. “I don’t suppose you can reduce the price a bit more for me Susan”? This may bring the haggling to a screeching halt as the only answer is a yes or no. Instead use an open-ended question try this for e.g. “I appreciate your time in helping me find the perfect holiday Susan, what sort of deal can you do to persuade me to make a payment to you today”? Make sure you are always in control of the situation don’t be rushed into parting with your money.

7. Stay positive and focused when you make an offer stay silent and wait for the agent to speak, don’t say too much as you will sound anxious the agent will pick that up.

8. Another way of getting more for your money is to haggle for extras with the holiday package when the agent is not willing to reduce the price. Don’t mention the extras at the start of the haggle as this will already be built in at the final quote. An example to use “ Susan if you include the transfers and inflight meals in the deal today I am ready to make a payment to you now”.

9. Always be polite, if the tour operator will not give you your deal there are many more who will and they will contact you, deals are there to be done, with so many operators offering discounts, upgrades, free child places it is a competitive market especially in this current crisis.

As the saying goes if you are not looking after your customers somebody else will be.

10. Finally, all tour operators look for customer commitment and can usually do a deal. With that in mind casually mention a few times in the conversation to the agent that you are ready to make a payment with them today provided you get your deal. 

Happy Haggling, Happy Holiday


Is my holiday protected?

Yes all our operators are Atol and Abta bonded.

Is it advisable to take out holiday insurance?

It is handy to take out holiday insurance, your operator will give you advise you.

Can you give me any other tips on haggling?

Certainly can see our haggling tips

I have not been contacted by anyone as yet?

Our agents have different processes and timescales be assured you will be contacted at some point

Do I have to accept the first offer ?

This is entirely up to you, some people are happy to get the holiday within their chosen budget or hold out for another operator to offer a lower price.

Terms and conditions

The agreement

By using our website technology you are agreeing to these terms and conditions so that we can assist you in getting the cheapest holiday deal where it is available from holiday tour operators . If you do not agree to these terms of use, please refrain from using our website. Our products and services and the use of our Website is only intended for individuals who are resident in the UK and who are over 18 years of age. 

If you are unsure about any aspect of these Terms & Conditions or have any questions regarding our relationship with you, please contact us.

The service

We provide a fully independent online holiday quote service, designed to save you time and money when it comes to booking your holiday. Hagglemyholiday will endeavour to find you tour operators with the most competitive quotes and provide you with the information required to make an informed choice on which holiday best suits your needs. Hagglemyholiday source tour operators, we do not arrange your holiday. 

We will ask some questions to help source quotations, you will then need to make your own choice about how to proceed.
In some cases we cannot guarantee on quotes you have provided, so please also ensure that any quotes you give on our website are realistic as this may lead to your enquiry not accepted or declined by tour operators. Timescales may vary for a response from prospective operators.
After completing an application online via our website, you agree that you will receive an initial email from us. This email will confirm you have used our website and that your quote has been saved for you. You cannot opt out of receiving this email.

Your responsibilities

You will receive quotes based on the information you have provided to us. It is essential that all information and answers are true and accurate and that you also disclose all relevant facts. If you do not provide accurate information and disclose all relevant facts this could lead to your quote being invalid.

In order to accept a quotation provided by our website, you will need to where applicable contact them by phone. Before booking the holiday it is important that all the information the tour operator holds on you is accurate. It is therefore important that you carefully read through or confirm when speaking to the operator the information is correct and that you have disclosed all relevant facts. Neither we or the tour operator checks the information you enter on our website so you must check it. If your information is not correct, or if you have failed to disclose all material facts, your holiday quote may be invalid.

It is important that you read the tour operators terms or conditions to check that you understand and agree with them. The tour operators terms or conditions are not the same as ours and they will be the terms which you will be agreeing to when accepting a quotation.

It is important that you read all tour operators documents issued to you and ensure that you are aware of any changes to be made. Particular attention must be paid to any conditions as failure to comply with them could invalidate your quote.

If the information supplied by you is not correct, it is your responsibility to identify the mistake to the tour operator. We do not accept any responsibility to you if your quote is invalid because you made a mistake in providing the correct information or if you failed to disclose relevant facts to us or to the tour operator.


We set ourselves very high standards and look to provide these high standards in everything we do, but we also know there may be occasions when you feel we have not achieved this. In these rare cases we want you to tell us as this is the only way we'll be able to improve our service. How do you do this? Well, you can write, or send an email to us and we will look to resolve the matter as quickly and as fairly as possible.

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Privacy statement

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PLEASE REMEMBER while we do not carry out credit searches on our website, our partners may do so at any stage of the quote process.

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